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► Responsive       ► Collaborative         ► Effective

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Responsive enforcement acts quickly and appropriately to identify,
investigate and initiate proceedings in cases of misconduct.
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Collaborative enforcement prevents misconduct from spreading
across borders and promotes efficiency within and across jurisdictions
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Effective enforcement strengthens public confidence in
Canadian capital markets.

Louis Morisset
Chair, CSA

I am pleased to present the Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) 2015 Enforcement Report. In enforcing Canada’s securities laws, CSA members seek not only to sanction those who damage the integrity of our markets or cause harm to investors, we seek to deter financial misconduct. Credible deterrence involves several key elements: a strong legal framework with clear repercussions for misconduct; sophisticated mechanisms for detecting and investigating that misconduct; and decisive action and sanctioning against those who violate our securities laws. The CSA’s enforcement efforts focus on all of these areas.

As the world and financial markets evolve, securities laws and their enforcement must keep up. CSA members need to stay on top of emerging trends in financial misconduct and improve our enforcement process accordingly. We made impressive progress in 2015 including building upon increased collaboration, information sharing and innovation amongst our members.


2015 Enforcement Report

To download or print the entire report, click here.