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► Responsive       ► Collaborative         ► Effective

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Responsive enforcement acts quickly and appropriately in
cases of misconduct.
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Collaborative enforcement prevents misconduct from spreading
across borders and promotes efficiency within and across jurisdictions
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Effective enforcement strengthens public confidence in
Canadian capital markets.

Bill Rice
Chair, CSA

Canadian securities regulators have two primary objectives: protect investors; and foster markets that are fair, efficient and transparent. Enforcement action against those who commit securities violations is a cornerstone of achieving these objectives. As securities regulators, we strive to find new methods to uncover violations in order to stay ahead of constantly evolving illegal activity. The CSA system not only allows members to work collaboratively and share information to combat illegal activity, it also gives them the freedom to tailor specific initiatives to address this activity in their own jurisdictions.

Each year securities law violations become more complex. CSA members investigate cases that involve more complex schemes, greater levels of subterfuge and an increased use of online resources to perpetrate securities law violations. Our members tackle these cases utilizing advanced online detection methods and collaborating whenever possible with other securities regulators and law enforcement agencies.


2013 Enforcement Report

Browse around this site to review the 2013 Enforcement Report. To download or print the entire report, click here.